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Treatment and Recovery

Tartar, smoking, alcohol, pharmacological therapy, hormone imbalance and systemic diseases can affect the health of the gums, the system supporting the structure of the teeth and the dental prosthesis.

Whenever prevention is not sufficient anymore, and the periodontal disease need to be treated, or the correct bone morphology must be restored, Studio Deponte uses the WISER® DIODE LASER, operating following photodynamic therapy criteria. The source of LASER light, combined with high concentrations of singlet oxygen, allows to decontaminate, bio-stimulate and leads to the healing of compromised sites, impossible to treat effectively with medical and surgical therapies.
Diodes LASER is also indicated for correction of tooth discoloration and all orthodontic surgery because it guarantees minimally invasive treatment, faster healing, bloodless operation and less pain in the postoperative care.