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Dental Surgery


Routine extraction is a quite simple procedure, performed with extreme care depending on the patient’s needs.
Impacted teeth require slightly more effort. These teeth (it happens very often with wisdom teeth) are the ones who failed to erupt and are impacted in the bone or in the gums. They usually need to be removed, since they cause pain (sometimes extended to head and neck), swelling, soreness and sometimes even cysts.
Morover, they often compromise the ratio of space among the nearest teeth, putting them at risk of overcrowding.

Soft Tissue Grafting

To recreate a more natural smile, Studio Deponte uses soft tissue grafts as root coverage procedure. The gingival margin is reconstructed, minimising gingival recession and guaranteeing new protection against hypersensitivity caused by root exposure.
This technique is also used in peri-implant and reconstructive surgery.

Peri-implant and Reconstructive Surgery

Peri-implant tissue remodeling has the purpose of creating seamless integration between the mouth and a new prosthesis, meant to be placed afterwards. For this reason, any results of periodontal pathologies must be solved first; also, the volume of tissues should be incremented and their look should be optimised before the surgery.

In oral implantology, lost teeth are replaced with a prosthesis which will be integrated with the remaining, natural teeth. Artificial roots are permanently applied into the jawbones to replace lost teeth. New, prosthetic teeth are then applied.

Studio Deponte uses LASER-assisted surgery to guarantee almost painless operations, with outstandingly short recovery time.

Regenerative Surgery

Bone Grafting

For a proper placement of the dental prosthesis, a bone availability evaluation must be done. In fact, teeth loss, traumas and gingival pathologies often damage the bone so much that its quality or quantity are insufficient for implant placement.

The same problem occurs when periodontitis compromises the stability of the teeth.

The solution is adding volume to the bone, using filling materials that help favourite, when possible, the growth of new bone. It is autologous bone graft when the bone belongs to the patient; allograft, when obtained through donation; synthetic or of animal origin; it can also be a combination of the solutions above. All materials are selected and totally safe for the patient’s health.
As it happens in cosmetic periodontal therapy, Dr. Deponte uses platelet-derived growth factors, to quicken and improve the recovery process.

Platelet-Derived Growth Factor

Studio Deponte uses platelet-derived growth factor technique to favourite tissue regeneration, and for faster recovery after the surgery.

The procedure starts with a small autologous blood sample, which is placed in a special centrifuge that separates the blood components. The result is a gel od platelet concentrate which will be useful to regenerate the bone where the prosthesis is meant to be placed.

This procedure is submitted to the authorization process of Azienda Sanitaria (the Italian healthcare provider). Thanks to an official agreement with Centro immuno-trasfusionale (Immunotransfusion Centre), Studio Deponte guarantees the use of platelet-derived growth factor with full respect or the Law.