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Prosthetic Dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry aims to restore the functional and aesthetic quality of the patient’s mouth, using artificial teeth in case of loss of teeth, and artificial smaller parts when natural teeth are severely damaged. It is easy to understand how important an impeccable work is, in every single step of the process. Studio Deponte own a computerised system with CAD/CAM technology, which allow to follow with extreme precision all phases of design and production of prosthetic reconstructions.

Depending on the specific clinical case, it is possible to create permanent attached prostheses, removable prostheses and combined implant-residual tooth supported prostheses.

Permanently Attached (Fixed) Prosthesis

Artificial teeth, usually bridges and crowns, are permanently applied and it is not possible for the patient to remove the prosthesis.

Removable Prosthesis

The prosthesis can be removed by the patient. They need thorough hygiene every day and can be removed when not in use.
For its removable prosthesis, Studio Deponte uses Valplast® superpolyamide, material which is biocompatible, transparent, flexible, light and extremely thin.
Every prosthesis is made in collaboration with LABODENT SNC.

Combined Implant-Residual Tooth Supported Prosthesis

The prosthesis has both fixed and removable parts. The removable part is attached with invisible joints to the prosthetic crowns, fixed on natural teeth.

Prosthesis on Dental Implants

The prosthesis is made after inserting the implants, but designed before, to determine the exact quantity and the type to choose. CT scans are provided by Centro Radiologico Giuliano (Health Director: Dr. Giorgio Zatta), specialised in panoramic radiography and digital radiography for the orthodontist.