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Preventative Dentistry

Nowadays, preventative dentistry is the linchpin of modern dentistry: it allows to keep the mouth in the best conditions, avoiding the onset of many pathologies that can seriously compromise patient’s health. A correct hygiene and planned periodic visits to the dentist’s office minimize the risk of more invasive operations.

Early diagnosis of dental caries, for example, is fundamental, since cavities are the most frequent malady leading to root canal treatment and dental reconstruction, which are, without any doubt, more complex and expensive than regular care.

In case of malocclusion of teeth, which are a misalignment between the dental arches, several pathologies can follow, some of which related even to neck and back. For this reason, it is extremely important to evaluate the state of the teeth starting from primary teeth: a small defect, when intercepted before secondary dentition, will avoid long therapies after the eruption of the permanent teeth.

Another important purpose of preventative dentistry is the identification of predisposition to gum disease, through biological and genetic tests that Studio Deponte makes using an advanced biological microscope. Basing on results, healthy individuals can set a proper, effective prevention, while patients already affected by periodontal disease can optimize their treatment.