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Oral Hygiene

Proper hygiene is the key to a healthy mouth, but it is also crucial for its aesthetic quality.
First of all, a constant, adequate oral hygiene must be kept at home, brushing teeth (when not otherwise recommended in specific situations), flossing and using all the necessary devices that allow to keep teeth and gums healthy, reducing plaque and tartar accumulation.
In the meantime, professional dental care must be periodically performed by the dental hygienist, a healthcare professional which can recommend how often the patient needs the cleaning treatment, giving also all the necessary information for a proper personal home care. The dental hygienist also applies dental sealants, fluoride varnish and other products aimed to prevent caries and protect teeth. Fluoride application, for instance, is also excellent to minimise tooth thermal sensitivity.
The dental hygienist is also trained and qualified to use the Diode Laser, for microbial decontamination treatment of periodontal pockets.