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Cosmetic Dentistry

LASER Whitening

Teeth whitening and Laser whitening are used by Studio Deponte to bleach yellow or stained teeth safely and with durable results.

A specific hydrogen peroxide gel solution is applied onto the teeth surface. The gel is then subjected to the catalysing light of the Laser to generate free radicals, which destroy the molecules responsible for pigmentation.

The Laser employed has enough emission power to bleach both enamel and dentine. The results are immediate and stabilised in a very short number of sessions.

Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

Gingival recession is the retraction of gums towards the top of the teeth. It is usually caused by aggressive or incorrect tooth brushing, periodontitis, malocclusions and other ailments. It leads to many inconveniences, like dental hypersensitivity to thermic stimuli or brushing, but also to aesthetical repercussions, since the pleasantness of the smile is often compromised.

PStudio Deponte can solve this problem using the latest LASER technology, resculpting gingival margins until gums and teeth ratio is rebalanced. The LASER procedure is here associated to Growth factors, extracted directly from patient’s own blood, to faster healing process and achieve the best results.