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Studio Deponte uses a complete CAD/CAM® technology system, following directly every phase of prosthesis design, including inlays, veneers; all ceramic/zirconia ceramic/zirconium bridges and capsules.

Coming from over 30 years of experience and worldwide success, SIRONA’s CAD/CAM system has an optical scanner that acquires 3D scans of the patients’ dental arches, interacting with a software able to create the virtual reconstruction of the scanned arches. The same software is used to design the fixed dentures. Once the design is completed, the virtual models are used to make the actual prosthesis. This can be done at Studio Deponte, thanks to the SIRONA InLab MC XL® milling unit. The prostheses are realized rapidly and with the maximum precision, and the best quality both in terms of strength and health safeguard, because the materials we use are all pure, metal-free and entirely bio-compatible.